mobile red cap question?

you guys said you can run this oil right? the only weight i can find is 15w-50. is that alright?

i am almost positive that the red top is only 15/50 if it comes anyother way i have not been able to find it.. Had the same question not to long ago about using red top... I read a lot of post and pretty much all had something good to say about it and several mentioned 15/50. The best part is that you can get it at Wal-mart any day of the week 24/7.. Been using it for about 6 oil changes without any problem :thumbsup:s.

I've ran Mobil 1 15-50 red cap in my 426 for 3.5 years with no complaints :thumbsup:

Is 4.77 a quart the going rate? I swear I paid 4.20 something last week. Maybe some Wal-Mart person reads TT and raised the price on this?

:thumbsup: I just bought 2 quarts about 4 hours ago 4.17 Walmart

19.25 i think for 5 quart jug

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