Yamaha of Japan Spy on our site?

I've heard vicious rumors that a disgruntled Yamaha employee has been lurking on our site, passing off bad information in an attempt to sabatoge our rides. Heres an example, " I ask, hey the bike went thump super loud and quit running, and now theres no compression, our spys says (acting like he knows how to fix it)" to fix the problem shove a potatoe in the tail pipe to build up compression, then kick the bike over."

We'll it didnt work, so I only naturally came to this conclusion. I dont want to name any names.But......

Hey has any one ever really seen that Mitch Guy and that Kevin in NH seems like a loose cannon...

In case Yamaha is watching, send Bryan our creator a new 250f & 426f, for creating a live interactive forum where you can ask a question that will get answered, something billion dollar business' fail to do daily.

Actually Bryan thats how you could make millions, sell your format to companies with high levels of customer service needs. Customers could log questions and then log on for answers which could come from other customer or company employees.

this message intentionally left blank

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Hey Mister Smarty pants,

Just because I was visciously fired from Yama...I mean because the rumor is someone was fired from Yamaha, doesn't necessarily mean he is a bad guy, or that he is even here. I know for a fact that shock treatments can cure just about anything. I have forgotten...I mean people can forget they even have a cold, wear women's clothes, enjoy watching the zoo animals at night, in their cages, thinking no one is really watching them...You know the way those animals look at us! They think they are so smart, but I know they are not. When I was taken aboard that alien spacecraft, where I was forced to do hideous things to myself with a fork, I learned to be able to read animal's thoughts. You know they do think about us all the time...They think we are stupid because we think they are cute... They think we are all ugly. I think all the animals should be in cages, because they want to take over the world, just like the Island of Dr. Morreau (sp?), or Charleton Heston on the Planet of the Apes. You know those apes really screwed him up. I know about all this stuff. Just ask me.

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Ummm, OK Kevin, go back to polishing the scratches out of your bike from the Moab trip. Didn't mean to wake you up, no sudden moves, just back away quietly... :)


No Brain, No Pain !

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