Wobbling Clutch Basket

I installed a hinson outer basket, probably about 9 months ago. Recently the internal bearing that is on the clutch shaft let loose, causing quit a bit of internal damage, ball bearings going through a tranny is never a good thing!!!!!!!!.

When replacing my fiber and drive plates the other day, I noticed that both the inner hub, and outer hub, had too much slop. Come to find out, the brass bushing thats contained in the gear housing(not a bearing) can't be bought seperately, an entire outer basket has to be purchased, the the whole procedure to take it apart(drill out the rivets), has to be done again, all because a $15 part has worn out.

Has anyone else run across this?????

Is there another fix for this problem????

Finding this problem is definately the reason for the internal bearing failure, due to excessive stress on the bearing.

Brian, sorry to hear about this. You may want to email mxtuner@mindspring.com on this. He has had a lot of experience with the Hinson/yzf experiences. How is everything else going?

BK Id bet 5 bucks that the bushing is fine. Whats happening is what happend to me. The steel insert that carries the spline in the hub has come loose in the hub. Mine was flopping around enough to actually touch the clutch cover. Take the plates out and youll probably be able to wiggle the whole thing but the nut wont move. The lock washer had probably worn the face of the hub also. Please post what you end up finding. I cured the problem with a hinson hub. I found the best price on it at Mr. X. Callem up. The had the hub in stock and it was $265 and they shipped it for free.

Shawn, your right about the basket moving. I am going to go to my mechanics this afternoon and check that. thanks for the info.

hey ga426, everyhings good down here, except the dam rain. Everything is flooded, even the secrect spots. Still doing the job hunt thing, looks like I might be a student soon. 30 years old, going back to school, lol.

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