GYT-R Large Capacity Gas Tank for 2003 WR450F

Resize the damn pics, this thread is unreadable like this!

Whoa dude.... chill :thumbsup:

Sorry it sounded like I was pissed, it had been a long day and it was very frustrating to have to scroll side to side....again, thanks for resizing the pics Bajabunk... :devil:

Unlike Rich Baker, My right side fuel line is routed over top of the carb and back down to the float bowl y fitting. I think it stays cooler and is tucked in that way. All the fuel lines drain anyway as long as the float bowl is lower than the petcock elevation. :thumbsup:

I just picked up my GYT R and yz shrouds this morning. Are there any tricks to making this installation real, real easy, or is it best to just follow directions and do it right the first time????????? :devil::thumbsup:



The directions are easy...just don't overtighten the petcocks. They screw into the plastic because Acerbis didn't put in brass inserts for them. They did put in brass for the rest of the screws....don't know why they didn't for the petcocks....wish they had.

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