PW 80

I realize that this is not the correct forum for this post. But, you guys have always been helpful so I figured I would give it a try. The problem is a PW80 that unless it starts on the first kick (when it is stone cold), it will not start. I usually have to jump/bump start it. It starts no problem with the kick start after the bike is warm. Any suggestions?


Are you turning off the gas when done riding it? If you are, then try turning it off and riding it for a few minutes at the end of your day to make sure it is not flooded next time you go out.

Hope this helps,


Sparky has a great tip, try his first. If that doesn't work then:

If the carb is clean and in good tune and the reeds look ok (I'm guessing it's got reeds and not a piston or rotary port) then I would take a compression reading. When I hear 2-stroke and must usually push start in the same sentence I immediately start to think low compression.

Did the problem start recently? If so, what changed just before the problem started? If it started a long time ago, has the problem progressively gotten worse?

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