Sell my XR650L SM... As is?

Hi All,

Havent been online for quite a while...

I'm considering selling my perfect '04 XR650L SM w/1200mi. I spent about $11.5K on the bike and related SM outfitting...

Just to get you're opinion here; would you recommend I sell it as-is, or return it to OEM and sell-off the parts...?

I figure I'm going to take a loss either way.

What do you think?




my vote would be to return it to stock since you would have the biggest market out there for a stock bike and then sell off all of the aftermarket stuff on EBAY to the guys that already have a bike and are looking to modify theirs. I would bet that you would come out the best doing it that way. Good luck :thumbsup:

1st? why? 2nd? what do you have to sell we will all be like vultures.



After all that work ? What are you gonna get next ?


Thanks a million for the good feedback. Sorry I did'nt respond earlier. Connection was down.

I baught '96 TZ250 for racing. Its as if I like pain, huh... I learned tons from my XRL technically and mechanically and have decided to move on. Plus, I've been "told" cannot keep both, thus I decided to part with my XRL...

I'll keep you posted on what I do with the sale of the bike and parts.




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