Hey UTAH guys........

Chris & Dan -

You'll want to try and find the chase creek trail -- so far that's the best I've found at Hobble Creek. You go all the way up Diamond Fork canyon road... past the pavement onto the dirt road... when you reach the fork which goes to west portal (2nd water - same turn on the dirt road... big sign in the middle of the fork... we took last year) take the left road... keep going... it'll fork again... take the right... go another 2 or so miles and you'll find the chase creek trail on the right hand side (hard to see keep your eyes open). Real twisty, tight trees, and it connects really close to west portal and will help you avoid the 8 miles of dirt road between saw mill and 2nd water. Good luck. Be safe. See ya on July 3rd to do it again.

Mrmoto impression LOL. :thumbsup:.

Thanks for the info there Eric!



Well, a good time was had by all(Chris and myself). :devil:

Thanks Chris!

Temps were just right. A little mud, a little dust, a little road tar

and 48-miles made for a great morning ride. It appears that our 8am

start time was a good thing as the UTMA poored in around 9am and

filled the parking area. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the next one....

:thumbsup: I feel much better now. The last time I went riding was with Eric last year. :devil:

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