Suspension Help

Hey guys, a couple of suspension questions. I have a 2000 WR 400. Like a lot of us, I’m riding a lot more MX and fewer trails than when I started. My problem is that the suspension is too soft. I’m looking at getting a MX bike later in the year, but until then I want some quick/hopefully inexpensive fix. A while back I had the suspension re-valved to make it stiffer and it helped. But now I’ve got all my compression clickers maxed out and my rebound is so tight that the bike is like a brick. It barley moves when I sit on it. I’ve backed off the rebound to get some bounce but on jumps it seems to compress to easy that way.

So, I’m thinking of stiffer springs. This seems like a moderate expense ($300 springs plus labor for both ends is my guess but I haven’t bid it out yet). I would like to be able to back off of the compression for trail riding and still be ok but the primary emphasis is MX. Could someone maybe compare the WR springs with the YZ springs? Are there numbers to indicate spring stiffness? I’m 180 lbs. Thank you.

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