after market carb!!

I have an 02 BRP... and I just had to have the best, so I splurged on the keihin 41mm FCR carb... from sudco!!! only to find out that it doesn't fit all that well!!! :awww: Now I wish I had bought a mikiuni instead...

However, does anyone know anything about adjusting the acc. pump on a keihin? :thumbsup: I called sudco, and they told me that the guy that did the R&D on that kit does not work there anymore!!! AND it came with ZERO instructions for installation, or tuning!!! :lol: can anybody lend a hand?


'02 BRP un-corked

brp skid plate, B/D stator re-wind w/100watt halogen, GPR-fat bars, cycra H/G,excels w/ Rad hubs, clarke 4.3gal, XR's speedo blockoff, W/B full R4 ex, trailtech comp.

I have the Mikuni but, I know that for the FCR you have to use a heat gun and heat your tank where it will be above the carburetor and push it in to make room. As for the uses it's own cables but, can use the stock throtle. It has to have sleaves to fit into the intake boot and air box. It must be jetted for the XR650R. It does not come with any this if you don't buy the caruretor as a XR650R kit. The Mikuni is made for the Harley and even in the kit they don't change the neadle pilot for the range of the XR650R so, you get alot of feed back that it is hard to tune.

Can't give you any help on tuning the FCR but I will offer you a trade and cash for my Mikuni. I'm not using it.



I put the FCR on my XRL. It took me a bit to get it jetted correctly but know it is awesome. I too had some issues with Sudco when calling to get help, I didn't get very far. They seem to be very proud of their work & products. It was almost as if I was to stupid for their time.

Anyway I love my carb now so I know it should work for you. Also from what I learned it is a little odd to have to adjust the accel pump most of the problems come from jetting, but hey I have been wrong before.

good luck!!



It was almost as if I was to stupid for their time.


That should be "too stupid" ----

okay so I am soooo stupid!!! :thumbsup:


PS you sound like my wife she is the grammer spelling queen


just wondering if you might have an edelbrock, that you might want to trade for an FCR?

Nope, just the Mikuni and the stocker.

My engine is out being rebuilt and I have been considering the Edelbrock, also the FCR though.

Still not totally convinced that the stock carb isn't just fine.

well they say on that johnny campbell does use the stocker... I would have thought otherwise! any way I called sudco yesterday and talked to someone about how poorly the FCR fit, and I was told that I could get another spigot... that should improve the fit problem... but I'm thinking of switching to the qwiksilver. Not sure yet, my roommate just got the qwik for a drx400. I'll have to see how it works before I decide what I'm going to do!! :thumbsup:

I'm running the stocker, uncorked, 170 main 68s pilot. I have it dual sported, so I ride it pretty often, and I've had no problems. It does die when I dump it, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I just scramble to get the gas shut off when it does go down. Personally, I wouldn't spend the money for the upgrade. Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't sound worth it to me.

Gary :thumbsup:

buy the Edelbrock, I just put one on my bike and it rips!!!


I agree with you, but that's mostly because I ain't rich enough to get whatever I want. :devil::lol:

I also think that the carb issue isn't as big as electric start, so why bother. Besides I like :awww: kicking the BRP it makes you stronger. :thumbsup:


Right on. I don't have the money either, and I don't mind kicking it. Besides, I'm getting a really nice right glute muscle! I figure in about ten years, when I'm fifty, I might want the electric start. Until then, it's a nice theft deterrent. :devil::thumbsup:


I'm 53 and think that in another 7 years I might want electric start. :thumbsup:

Actually, my next new bike will have electric start. However my wife won't support that idea until the BRP dies. :devil: That could be 7 years or more. :lol::awww:


I compeletly understand the wife thing. Mine didn't want me to get the bike in the first place. It will have to last me another ten years or so too. That shouldn't be a problem, though.

Winkel :thumbsup:

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