polishing rims

The rear excel rim to my '99 yz400 is tarnished and dull. I'm assuming this is caused by the sand that i generally ride on here is New Jersey. When the rims are new they appear to have a clear coat finish on them. After the sand is done destroying the finish they no longer shine. My question is, does anybody know of a procedure or chemical that would put a little shine on my rim again?


My Brother in law spent an after noon shine'n up his rims with green scotch brite and mag wheel polish. His were shiny shiny. I think it took him a good 6 beers though.

go to the bike shop and ask a honda guy what he uses to shine his alumimium frame, uisally that same stuff can shine many kinds of metals like no other. You will probably lose the shine after a fiew rides though and be in the same predicament.

No matter what you end up doing, if you are going to do it right, and not everyweekend, then you will probably want to have them clear-coated again.

Try the phone book for alloy wheel repairers (car or bike) or metal polishing company and ask them for some advice.

You may be able to get it done with a calico pad on an angle grinder using the right compound, without disassembling the wheel.

I polished my stock bottom triple clamp to better match the Scotts one up top - it came out rather nice considering...

Good luck,


My buddy has a 97 cr250 and he uses Mcguire's mag wheel polish on his frame. His frame looks like chrome. Lots of elbow grease. When I first met him I asked him how long it took to get it to look that way and he just said he did it over time. Have fun, have plenty of beer there! :)

Toothpaste will work, it is basicly a rubbing compound, and it will smell purty too!

thanks for your replys i'll give it a try.

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