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XR100 float level

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I just cleaned and reset my sons XR100 carb to a baseline in order to try and get it running right.

Prior to this it would start idling high and slow as it heated to the point it was hard to keep running It sounded like an intake lead but spraying carb cleaner on the intake manifold would stall it out rather than increase the idle.

Whilst apart I set the float height to 12.5mm across the main jet centre line as suggested in the manual and returned the needle to the standard setting (it was one position leaner), but now it runs crazy rich, hesitation and plumes of dark fuel smoke when you rev it.  Given it is very rich at idle It shouldn't be the needle position, so clearly the 12.5mm isn't right for this bike/carb.  The motor out of a 92, the tappets have been checked and cam timing is spot on.  I'm not sure if it is the original 92 carb, I'll grab a number when I head back out to the shed.

In the following post below on forum member made comment about the float being on an angle rather than parallel with the carb body when set at 12.5, do these earlier carbs have a different height setting?  I'm tempted to go and set it up level and try again.


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