Enduro Computers?

I would like to add an enduro computer to my WR450F for the speed indication and a clock would be very handy. Is there something that will use the existing cable from the trip odometer, and not require some odd replacement?

Hey BadlandZ

None that I know of would use existing cable. If you are just looking for a basic speedometer with a clock and a couple of other features I would suggest you look here: Trailtech

If you want something more hardcore for Enduro's I would suggest you do a search on ICO Checkmate, Pacemaker, and/or Watchdog 2000.



I use a RAM mount for my GPS on the bars. It is not perfect but then you have no sensor at all and provides good trip data and current information. The display kinda blows though. I have a Garmin etrex Legend and the display is too small too see sometimes with vibration and all.

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