Least Favorite Maintenance--Spokes

Are there any tips or tricks to tightening spokes. Try as I might, I almost always wind up with a tight, but wobbly wheel!


You could try Fasst Co. spoke wrench they are pretty expensive but they come preset to torque the spokes so you won't over tighten them.

I hate spoke tightening too! I wish I could afford a Fasst Co. spoke wrench. There like $130.

I just tighten the loose ones, and I have no problem. Takes 5 min.

Go slowly and never tighten a spoke more than a quarter turn at a time as you go around the wheel. Overtightening is the biggest problem. I have been able to true wheels without a dial-indicators or spoke torque wrenches by just taking my time. I mount the wheel on the bike without a tire to do the job.

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