My friend/neighbor has a powerbomb header he was going to sell me but I am getting a new 450 .

I told him I would try to sell it for him either here or on E-bay.

The problem is that it is brand new and unsure of if it is for the 250f or the 426/400f?

He got it at a frt close out warehouse and doesnt really know.

I dont know if it has a part # on it yet . I havent checked.

First of all does anyone know the diff or part #'s ?

Second ...would anyone be interested in purchasing for a GREAT deal? :)


If it's for a 426, I'll buy it!!!

I am sure it is for a 400/426 95%

No Part# on it but it matches pretty close to the shape and length of my stock 400f pipe!

Front diameter=exact

back diameter= exact

FMFshows the part #'s but no part # on pipe.

FMF only shows STAINLESS steel pwrbomb for the 426/400 NOT the baby F.

So I am kinda thinking this is for the 426/400f

Give me something to tell him for $$$$ offer? :)

[ June 27, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

check your PM.


call me.......check your pm's

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