Wr450 - 2003 - Brake Light Question

I notice on my Wr450 that the tail light has 3 wires running to it. I assume the wires are taillight, ground, and brakelight. I also notice that the bulb is a dual filament.

Is one the these 3 wires un-connected when the bike is new? I am hoping that if I connect a hot wire to a hyd. brake light switch and connect it to the open wire ( brake light), I will be in business with a brake light.

Is any of this correct? Thanks


That is correct. Hook it up like you say and you will have a break light. :thumbsup:


the third wire isn't disconnected, is isn't there. the wire coming from the main harness only has two wires going to the tale light. splice into the tail light wire and run it through a hyd. brake switch. connect it to the third wire coming from the tail light. remember, you will only have a brake light when your light is on.

i was wondering about that, is there any way to wire it up so that the brake light will always come on no matter what the light status?

yes, use a fusible link and wire it directly to the battery, which is what I did.

In fact, you dont even need to run a hot wire, just "T" the running lamp wire, then run the new stub wire to a pressure switch, the other side to the empty wire from the tail lamp. Doing it this way will allow a brake lamp ony when the headlamps are on. I like it this way, I either want all lights or none. :thumbsup:

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