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Bike wont run without choke!

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Hi Gang,

I have a 93 Nighthawk 750 that wont run unless the choke is on.

I just did a full carb rebuild. Totally broke the 4 carbs down and cleaned everything. Put in new pilot jets too. The bike runs much better, but it wont run without the choke on. It actually runs best with the choke half on versus full choke. I did a bench sync, but have not done a gauge sync as the bike wont run without choke. Could a gage sync be what is needed? Its almost as if the bike just idles too low. If I could turn up the idle, I feel like I could close the choke. The idle adjuster does not have much of an affect when I adjust it. Anybody have any thoughts? 90% of the time its the pilots, but they are brand new!

Thanks for any help!

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