What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

37 and in great shape after riding since I was 5!

The day I can't do a stand up wheelie or backwards barefoot water ski is the

day I die!

Wow, I guess I'm not really all that old in this crowd.. I'm 58, been riding about 40 years. I love my '01 WR 426.. Great bike.

33 years and not a brain cell left! My good riding buddy is 34 and we have decided we are getting a little old. We ride the hill climbs at Carnegie, Ca and have stopped doing the challenging one's. After lifting the bike and the beer belly you get tired. Thank God for the E-start on the 05 WR450. Truely my 20's were fun but the 30's are only getting better.

34. Have been riding 23 years but didn't ride the dirt for the first time until age 30.

33 and feeling sometimes like i'm 80.

37....ride and feel like I'm 23....But heal like I'm 50

45, going on 25

23 this June. '01 WR 426 - Good fun.

38 but ride like I'm 15 which leaves me feeling like 70.

41 this July.

Started riding in 1977 (13).

- '77 ATC 90 :D

- '78 RV90 :D

- '79 XL125s :D

- '83 XT250

- '89 XR250 :D

- '91 DR350 :worthy:

- '92 XR650R ;)

- '94 RMX250 :D

- '99 YZ400 :)

- '05 WR450F :)


23, 24 in june

34...got back into it after a involuntary hiatus (no money) through high school/college. I bought a TTR 250 in '98 and was laughed at because it had an electric start so I showed them and bought a new '01 WR 426-kickstart. Today as I continue trying to kickstart start my bike "they" leave me behind as all have "awesome" electric starts on their bikes. I am not amused.

44 going on 30. rode dirt in my 20's, street in my 30's and now back to dirt

56...and so pleased not to be the oldest fart on this forum that I went out and purchased a new WR450 this morning! :)

34 years old.

Started riding when I was 11.

Have ridden and road-raced sport bikes pretty well non-stop from the age of 18. Have done a bunch of long distance rally riding and touring all over the US & Canada as well.

Bought a KX250 for my first dirt experience at age 30. Knocked myself out on it in the first 20 minutes. Woohoo! :) Rode it for a summer and sold it for some needed cash.

Bought a 2005 WR450 5 weeks ago and have ridden 5 weekends in a row on it. LOVING IT! I'm going to try my first Enduro next weekend on it.. Uh oh :D

21 turn 22 in july, just bought my first brand spanking new bike (05 wr450), and made my dad proud by continuing the yamaha family tradition, he almost disowned me for considering the crfx. now wait till i tell him im not using yamalube.....

28, Wife, a daugher, and hopefully a son on the way. I ride my '01 WR426 fast and put it away wet. Wish she would lose some weight though, the bike I mean. Up here next to Canada in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

31. Feel like I'm 18 again when I ride!

35 and been riding for 18 years now.

What I found interesting about this thread (thanks for reviving it, YamahaGuy) is the number of members that have moved on/passed on. It was fun spending a few minutes reading the member names from June 2001 (I didn't discover TT until early 2002.) :)

25 and almost single, I think if I go riding the next two weekends, I'll finaly have a long overdue ex-girlfriend. :)

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