What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

I'm the 200th post on this thread and 44 YO. Let it die....... :)

i am 27 years old

I'm 28 be 29 May 27th, maybe I'll start backing up next year! :)

I'm 31 yo

I am 36, I hadnt been on Bike( IT175) since i was 16..

Im 16 and have been ridin for 10 years! 02 YZ250F modded out

45 going on 12

I just turned fifty and bought a new wr 450. It rocks!

60 and bought a new 06 WR450 to relive my youth - DT-1 circa 1968-70 and RT-1 76-78 previous mounts. Job and lots of travel have kept me away from the sport, but retiring this summer. If a 97 yr old can climb a 12000' mountain in antartica, I (with 24 hr fitness) can ride until....???

Ancient One

45. WR 426 is the best bike I've owned. 16 year old son rides the kx, 14 year old rides the 250x.

41 and lovin the wr.

47 ... i guess i'm on my second childhood (or is it the third already?) - prolly keep doing this until i'm dead !

39 - Racing VET Class, doin' a good job of keeping the 30 yo pups behind me :thumbsup:

Next year it's the Senior class and I get to be the young pup again......... :thumbsup:

u old bastards im 21 on a WR 426

42, been doing this since I was 6 when my father stuck me on a new Honda CT70 and I went off and drove it right into the door of his brand new 454 LS6 Chevelle.

41. But I am getting younger and younger every day!

Lots of "seasoned" people here indeed!

25 myself!

44 on a 02 wr426, but the people I ride with are in their early thirties and I keep up with them just fine! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Will be 39 this Spring.

My last bike before this '05 WR450 was a '78 YZ80 (bought yellow because Hurricane Hannah was THE MAN!). So after a LOOOONG layoff, marriage, 3 daughters and building a career in software - I am reliving my childhood again.

You know...it ain't the age, its the mileage :-)

48 years old on a 2005 WR450. Started riding dirt in 2003 on an XR250. Having a blast riding with my boys. :thumbsup:

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