What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

24 and Loving every second that I can get on two wheels

23 but I look like im 30 (already balding)

Birthday's today. I'm 57...but look 56! Am riding an '05 WR450 and enjoying it.

35 (with the body of 50 yr. old) :thumbsup:

Lets just say that the first "dirt bike" I ever rode was a buddies new BSA 441 Victor AND no bikes came with integrated number plates, just the round kind you screw on. Oh yeah, and they had chrome fenders.

Well I am 15. But act like I am 21.LOL :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Man, this thread is old.. Iv'e had 5 birthdays since it was originally posted.

I am now 60 years :thumbsup: young and still having a ball.


I just turned 59 and still love to ride. My WR426 rocks.

Only 23 but I feel old......Marines will do that to ya.

:thumbsup: 35, 11.5yrs in my career, 8.5yrs to go... :thumbsup:

26 and also in the 3% at 55 club

17 wr450 lucky #17 6 months 3 e.r visits and plenty more to come but when school ends already missed too many

42 (first bike)..... 3 kids (4,6,9) - the oldest and youngest ride. They convinced me to start riding. Actually seeing my 9 year old nailing his jumps and woops made me get a bike. Wish I could handle a YZ - maybe next year.

51, bad shoulder, torn hamstring, poor vision, longer re-coup times, but still loving each and every throttle twist! :thumbsup:

69, can't shake the two wheel dirt habit.




41 going on 20

41 going on 20

Hello my brother from another mother.

Me too, 41 and acting younger everyday. If I'm not goofing off and laughing all the time, then it must have been a bad day.

41.......where did the time go? :thumbsup:

43 married with 6 and 7 year old boys all of us ride even big momma she is even faster than some of my friends

Just turned 37 here, had yamaha dual purpose bikes all my life :thumbsup:

The big 30 this week!

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