What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

34 ...I feel younger when I am riding, older after I crash.


- Sean

01 WR250F

00 DR-Z400S (for sale)

41 and wondering if all you other over fourties sorry forties go to the garrage to do something to your bike and after you get there you forget what it was?


Tony Montana

35. Amazed at the narrow age difference. I thought I would be one of the older ones in this forum.

We should start lobbying the industry now so that we can get senior citizens discounts on parts and bikes (when its time).

Hope to see you guys on the trails still riding hard 20 years from now!

Im 15 yrs. old. And no, mommy and daddy didn't help with my WR purchase.

I'm 34

42, man this sucks, like my dad always says "Old age ain't for wimps"

39 here

Will be 40 in April.Just got rid of the wife :)

Bought three motorcycles in the last year :D

Movin On!!!

41 here! :)

Tonymontana, I even forgot what I'm doing right now

Still 29. Meaning, at least 5 years extra compared to the majority of you to break some serious bones.

53 in September- first bike was an Hodaka super rat -brand new.

We do still have profiles don't we?

38, I'm still young compared to some of you :).


99 WR400




43 for a few more weeks. last weekend I found that my bones are not as limber as 30 years ago :). Broke my navicular and can't compete in the ISDE Qualifier this weekend. Oh-well, I didn't really want to drag my 270LB toy around the mountains for 200 miles anyway :D!


Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.

20, learning on a WR-426.

33, married ,two, kids a dog and not enough time to ride....


47....and I wear argyle socks....YEAH!

44 years, 9 days -

You're as young as you feel!

first bike - '64 Honda 50

first 250 - '74 Bultaco 250 Pursang

first Open - '78 Maico 440

Biggest bike - '75 Goldwing 1000

Favorite 80's bike - '89KX500

Favorite 90's - '94CR250

Yesterday ran my 22nd Marathon, 26.2 miles in 3 hours 9 minutes.

Today I feel ancient and can barely walk. But for those young guys who finished behind me - :)

James Dean

Hiya all 31yrs england, firefighter

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