What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

28 years old, but feel like the rest of the old farts after making love to a tree yesturday in an east coast hare scramble.

39, going on 19.

age 61, 48 years of riding and still lovin' it. '01 DRZE

38 for a few more weeks. just completed the millhall dual-sport ride. first bike was a yz 100, then xrl's from 200-600cc, dr350 (scary at speed), xr400(dual sport) and more street bikes than i can remember(alcohol induced) and finally a wr400. yamaha should have made this 20 years ago and saved me a lot of pain.you have to grow old but they can't make me grow up!

I am 27. Been doing it in the dirt since I was 14 on a MX 100, loved that little bike! I have had about 10 dirt bikes or so and 5 street bikes. I have a VFR 750 for street fighting and just got a 99 WR 400 a week ago to replace my tired 89 YZ 250. I love it so far. All you 40 + guys are my hero's. I thought I would have to get a quad when I was 40 or so but you all give me faith that this is the last bike I will ever have to buy! I am in good health and great shape so as long as I can keep my knees and back together it sounds like Ill bee ok. Rock on and keep the rubber side down!

43, er, let's see.... I think so anyway. They say the memory is first to go.

Well I'am 104 dognapit, what the hell were we talking about. were's my ele. start.


2000 WR400F

2000 EC 300

2000 TTR 125L

2000 TTR 90

1999 750 Katana

36 and loving my WR more and more with each ride.




31 with the back of an 80 year old...The surgeon general said noth'in bout smok'in the competition! :)

Jason totally spoke for me!! Being 24 I figured I would be on a quad with in 10 years due to knee problems but I've recently started working out and I hope I'm still riding when I'm the age of what seems to be most the people on this forum.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

37 with lots of mileage.


42 going on 22, Been picking rocks, branches and dirt out of my hide since 1970. Bought 99 WR400 to keep up with my boys on their 250's (What I've lost in agility I make up for with pure "Throttle Slammin terror") Thanks to this boards modification's reccomendation I have taken my very first WR "Soil Sample".....My wife warned me that you guy's were sucking me in with that "Throttle Stop/Advance the Timing/Adjust the carb/and rip off the air box cover Talk. Darn thing climbs hills so fast now I flew off the back end half way up and hurt my pride...and, I'm still trying to hide the constant sore butt from that concrete seat. Man it feels good to be young again.......... :)

37. Started riding at 12 on my beloved CT70. I have a picture of me jumping it, will post it some day. After rode a TM75, '78 YZ-80 and last bike owned before '99 YZ400 was '79 YZ-125. Feels great to ride again since '81. What got me back in was my neigbour questioning why I spent 4000.00 on a mountain bike when I could of gotten one with a motor for the same money! BTW, one knee reconstruction and the other blown ACL, so I use braces.

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We're an older crowd. Can someone close this post?

John H, whats the big deal? So what if we are fossils on parade! We still kick booty with style! :)

33 with two knee surgeries, a dog and enjoying my WR.


Well statistically the average age of us ThumperTalk Members is 37.9 (thats with the 70 responses) Thats a lot higher than I would have predicted.. I thought it may have been low 30's. The youngest being 15 and the oldest being 61

24, hoping to ride till 70. (should be possible, my back is already 70 years old)



'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed

31 and feel like 21. Been riding seriously for 4 years. Last bike was a '95 KLR250.

Also ride a Yammie YZF600R street bike, althogh my heart goes out to the WR.

No injury, surgery, etc so I plan on riding a LONG time!

Just turned 22. Got my 01wr4 2months ago and its my first bike. I'm having a blast riding it and enjoy reading the posts. There's an impressive amount of brain contribution and coordination on this post, keep it up!!! Any one ride near monterey? email me at trwhalen@hotmail.com -Terence

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