What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

43 This July. After my 1st Desert Race this weekend in over 23 years, I feel 65 today. I rode the 1st loop pretty well, My WR rode me the 2nd loop :D I'm out of shape :naughty: But hey, nothing's broke so it's all good :naughty:

Im 15 yrs. old. And no, mommy and daddy didn't help with my WR purchase.

Sure they did, you have free room, board, meals, clothing. This frees up all your income for dirtbike purchases! :naughty: And nice job too, purchasing the bike on your own! :naughty: A teenager with a good work etchic can be hard to come by!

27 going on 12

40 in three months. Looks like there are lots of July birthdays in this group. Too bad it will be too hot to celebrate.

Lovely wife, three kids, two dogs.

Wife says I also should act my age. She told me that after I broke a rib out at Spangler Hills two weeks ago doing something stupid.

34 years.....Broke my first Bone 1 1/2 months ago...1st bike '03 YZ450F 2nd bike '05 WR450F ..... 3rd bike '03 YZ450F (After totalling the '05). Currently in the process of rebuilding the '05........ 3 ex-wives, 2 boys, 1 '02 Dodge 2500 4x4

Ill be 34 years old in july and still riding like 20 year old lol.

I'm 27, going on 18. I laugh at farting humor, and Beavis and Butthead quotes.

I am 35 when I am not riding and I feel 21 when I get on my sweet machine!!

51 and I don't feel a day over 30 (yea, right)

39...been riding since I was 6. I am rather old and I feel every day of it! 12 knee surgeries later.

Not really , I always feel this way after a day of riding. I would not change a thing.

38, this month. Some days I feel like I'm 138 due to wear and tear. Gave up crotch rockets after a crash in Germany in 1989. Broke every bone in my left arm and left leg, two compound fractures, 6 compressed vertebrae in my back, etc.

Dirt is much softer than concrete and there are no cars no get in your way!

Got two buddies (12 and 10) to keep up with that make me feel like there big brother.

Dirt is much softer than concrete and there are no cars no get in your way!

Cali450 might argue with you on that :naughty::naughty:

Age: 35

42-with lots of repairs( 9 knee surgeries, broken arm twice, nose 3 times..don't ask, both thumbs, couple of fingers) just the usual for an active individual. Started dirt biking 6 years ago and have only managed to seperate both shoulders

43 going on 15!!!! Hay wait does that make me a virgin agian? :naughty::naughty::D:D:D:cry:

51......First bike: Taco 44 (Age 11)....

35 going on 18, and I'll trade my wife for a new 04' WR450 head!!!! Just kidding..... She's keeps my WR clean and pretty! :naughty::naughty:

22 years old. Security Guard by night, true blue rider by day.

Just turned the Dirty Thirty a couple weeks ago.

25 in may

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