What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

67. Still doin' whips and nic-nacs tho'.... :naughty: I was only 63 when this thread originated...

38 in June, but wife says I act more like a combination of the two numbers at 11!

I'm 42 dammit!!!!!

I'm 47. For now.


only as old as the woman you feel

This thread is older than some of TT's members... :naughty:

wow i just noticed this is years old. my bike was almost new then. most of these guys bikes didn't exist way back then.

37 here in May

31 in May

40 in November, just got engaged for the first time last week. Finally found a girl who not only rides but wants me to buy MORE motorcycles.

44 years old beautiful wife that I failed to teach how to ride , and too beautiful girls too hanging on bycicles only.....

The big four oh here


First ride was a Sears scooter @ about 6 or 7.

Currently '05 WR450 with 24 miles that I can't ride due to broken collar bone.

It was a fun 23.99 miles though.

28 and lucky to have a wife that supports my obsession with dirtbikes :naughty:

39... 40 in 122 days :naughty:

34; Feel like 14 getting on my bike and 54 getting off...

37 with tons of fear

35 going on 9 :naughty:

all i could've done is hoped for a dowry such as yours but my bitch can barely ride her schwinn :naughty:

35 going on 15 or 50 depending on the day...

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