Simple Green and Trail Tech computers

Just saw a post on Trail Tech website stating that Simple Green will eat into the scratch resistance display on the Panoram.

So be careful where you spray it. I take my Panoram off whenever I wash the bike.

Also saw where Trail Tech is introducing an Enduro type Panoram in the next couple of weeks.

That would explain why my trailtech is all scratched up.

Thanks for the info. :D

Just a little too late. :)

it also makes a permanent fog over lcd screen.

Here Here on the display screen vs. Simmple Green, I luv the stuff but dont over spray onto any displays, or instrument covers, clear plastics, etc...

You may not notice the damage right away but over time it fogs and scratchs the goods, (and yes I know its not meant for display screens) :)

I put a sandwich baggie over the computer when I wash the bike or if it is raining hard out. I did get stuck in some serious rain once w/out my trusty baggies. The computer died from all the moisture. I took it apart and soaked all the parts ( there were alot of them and small ) in rubbing alcohol. I blow dried it and had to glue the cases togather. The cases were not really ment to be taken apart. This was three months ago and it still works fine.

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