Best on/off road tire 4 650R


Anyone recommend a particular brand/size tire. I live in Panama and can ride my BRP on the street. I run about 70% on street and 20% gravel and 10% dirt. I´m leaning toward the Pirelli MT 60 120/80-18 rear and 90/90-21 front. Any tales of glory or woe out there?

00 650R FMF Titanium 4 full system, K&N, rejetted. It runs like a scaulded dog!!!

I ride in Lima, Peru and ride about half highway and half dirt and trail. I was reading a post in the dual sport category, and most of those guys were saying Dunlop 606's were the best for all around use. They wear good on street and do pretty good for trail and dirt. Thats exactly what the doctor ordered for me :thumbsup: I will be taking 2 dunlop 606's down to South America soon !

I have a set 606s on my 650L and avoid the tarmac like the plague if I can, but I do have to run it sometime, I have about 4,000 miles on them now and they still look as good as new.

Maybe not the best but worth a mention considering the price is the Maxxis 6006 series. I just slapped a set on my 650R on Friday. I put about a 150 miles of mixed street/gravel roads to some rocky/snowy shi**y trails over the weekend and was pretty damn impressed with em. Granted that they aren't the best in the dirt but they get the job done and don't make you feel like you are always going to wash out in the corners and they are fun as hell on the street. For about $100 out the door for a set, you just can't beat em.

This is the first time I ever broke down and put a 50/50 dualsport tire on. I can finally see why people love the whole supermoto scene.....what a blast. Made the 650 fun again :thumbsup:

I have Kenda 270's on mine. They have a pretty good knob, and are fine on the highway. I lean into corners on the street with confidence. I just came back from a trail ride. The trail was a moist rocky hard pack trail. The tires handled it like a dream. And here's the good part, the front was $21 and the rear $35. :awww: I have about 500 miles on them so far, and they seem to be wearing good. :thumbsup:

I had the Kenda's.. not bad and save money.. but I absolutely love my Dunlop 606s

Pirelli MT-21s are a solid choice for D/S. Bad in mud, but decent in dirt everywhere else. They don't seem to wear down too quick with road use and showed no chunking in the dirt. I am about to put on a Kenda Trackmaster II. Knobbie pattern is much more agressive on this DOT tire. Carcass does seem a little soft, but hopefully running a Bridgestone HD tube at a little higher pressure (maybe 18psi) will help it hold up in the rocks.

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