Coolant Help

I have heard of some kind of coolant called Redline or something that is supposed to cool your motor 15 or so extra degrees. Has anyone heard of such a product or used anything similar? If so could you tell a difference in your bike? Was is worth the cash? I am sure it is more expensive.

I run it, it works good.

i run Engin Ice. You dont have to mix it since its already mixed with deionized water.

I just put 2 capfuls of water wetter in my bike and it is actually a noticeable difference.

My leg on the pipe side used to get very uncomfortable from heat and now it is fine. Trust me, I ride in 115 degree heat so I know it works. :)

Water Wetter works great. I use it too.

I tried Water Wetter alone with the water and no coolant and can't say it works well as my bike was puffing out of the radiator overflow very quickly after a few minutes of idling/slow riding (I know, they tend to overheat while idling but it still seemed rather quick). I think you still need to add coolant to raise the boiling point before the water wetter will have a chance to work. The chemistry behind it makes perfect sense.

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