Under frame damage

While performing some maintenance on my WR, I found my skid plate all caved in between the contact points of the frame and the plate , and also wearing big scars in the aluminium material. It's a big wrap around model. I checked the contact points of the frame where the skid plate is installed, and sure enough the tubular section of the under frame is a little bit ovalised frome the skid plate bashing :thumbsup:.

Is there a way (or a need) to reinforce the under frame section ?

I pounded back the alu skid plate to its "original" shape, but I'm planning on welding a second layer of alu material to the existing under part of the plate. I was also thinking about a steel skid plate, do any of you know of a manufacturer for this ?

I know that I have to refine my whoops and rocker techniques. I have to get lighter, I lost 15 lbs in the last 3 months, (230 to 210 w/o gear). I installed a heavier spring (5.8) in the rear and I'm really practicing and riding hard despit my age (XX) :awww:.

My buddies are always telling me that I'm on fire, I wonder why ? May it's because of the sparks I leave when I land ? But aluminium doesn't spark :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for all the info :lol:

My frame has some dents in the bottom rails through the skid plate. I am glad the frame is not aluminum. With steel you are better off leaving it and just removing the skid plate and bending it back to smooth. I tend to rock bash a lot and dont see the need to fix the frame unless it is severe. :thumbsup:

I'll add a steel plate where the frame is damaged this winter. Meanwhile I welded a second plate after banging back the skid plate, and I'll insert a heavy rubber pad between the skid plate and the frame to absorb some of the bashing. I hope to refine my technique really soon :thumbsup:.

Atleast with the rubber between the frame and the skidplate you'll reduce some of the noise from the motor that gets directed back up to the rider. I had my skid plate coated with a spray in truck bedliner (buddy I know owns the Ameriguard franchise here and did it for free) and it doesn't resolve the dent issues but it did quiet it up some. :thumbsup::awww:

Moab , Redbird & Coal Creek beat the underside of the bike pretty bad. I have been lucky that the linkage has not sustained a terminal impact. :thumbsup:

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