Washington riding areas

Anone know of some good tracks or trails to ride here in washington?. I have been to Thurston county ORV and to South praire. I have done a search on the web and got seattle international raceway, mudslinger motocross (still don't know where that is).

Really looking fo a place with a pee wee track as well as MX track.

Where do all of you Washington State Thumpers go?


Hey Ranger, welcome to Washington.

There are tons of places to go! All depends on what you want to ride. Sky River (skyrivermp.com) is the best track in the area in my opinion. They'll have thier kids track done in a week or so. My son cant wait...

If you're interested in more offroad places let me know!

Mr Toyz

Mr Toyz,

Thanks, I went to the web site looks pretty good from here. You said that the pee wee track is going to be up and running soon? And yes any info you have on riding areas near or around the Fort Lewis area would be appreiciated.


I think there is a pretty good track in Washington, huh it is called something like, WASHOUGAL. It is a little ways from Fort Lewis, but worth the trip. I am going to try and get there on July 10th for the Wednesday practice. I haven't been there, but everyone I have talked to says it is well worth the drive. I am looking foward to getting out there.

Ranger, go to http://www.northwestdirtrider.com/ and look in the offroad section. Many of your fellow Western Washington riders hit the local poker runs based out of ORV and Middle Waddel you'll find on this site.

Just for your information, Mudslingers is one rocky s.o.b. and its held in the winter time, so like its named, you will be slinging some mud!

Oregon Thumper,

Yea I know about Washogal. I have been to the last 2 nationals. I want to go down and get a MX class from Huffman but they don't answer their email. I'am going back down with my brother for this years national are you going to be there?

You should try riding at washougal it is such a good track. I used to just go watch the national there and ride at other tracks then I raced there.I have never had more fun on a bike. There is also a good track in sandy OR just outside portland. It is a very fun track also mountainveiwmx.com. Both are well worth the drive from fort lewis mt veiw sucks in the rain dont bother if its raining.web page :D:)


Just wondering if you are in the Ranger Bn.? I was a 2nd Battalion Attack Co. Ranger at Ft. Lewis from '92-'98.

Just curious...


Try SIR/Pacific Raceways they run a full size moto X track w/a pee wee track next to it every friday night. We have been racing there quite a few times. $8.00 gate fee & $25.00 per class.


Negative, Did my time in the 82nd and 25th. I Have allot of buddies in 1st,2nd and 3rd Bats but never got assigned, the higher up in rank you go the more restrictive the duty positions are. What did you get into after the Army life?

Hey Erik, do you know Mr. Naggy? That was his time frame....

Have a great weekend guys!

Mr Toyz

Hey, I just got back from thurston, i love that track but it is really dangerous. SIR has a Peewee track that is pretty nice, i think it looks better than the big bike track. Another place that is very close to Thurston ORV is Rock Candy mountain which is just miles and miles of trails. its really fun. Trolsens used to have a peewee and big track but i dont even know if it is still open.

Here is a list of tracks all over Washington. Hey Are you a Ranger in the 2nd Battalion/75th Ranger regiment? My cousin is in the 75th but i don't know which Battalion. Ive always wanted to be a Ranger or a Navy S.E.A.L. which one do you think is better? (of coure your going to say Army)

Castle Rock Race Park - CASTLE ROCK RACE PARKWeekly races are run March through July and August through October. Practice is held every Wednesday. Measuring 1-1/4 miles, Castle Rock is a 40-foot wide, high-speed track that is covered in intermediate, sandy-clay dirt. There are a few 110-foot tabletops and a 70-foot triple. The track is adjacent to the fairgrounds. Nearest town: Castle Rock.Contact: (360) 274-8700; (360) 274-4346.

Connel MX Park - CONNELL MX PARKKnown as the other mini Washougal, Connells one-mile circuit adds a 70-foot triple, 65-foot tabletop, two sets of 50-foot doubles and a 15-whoop rythm section to its hilly layout. The soft- to intermediate-mix of dirt doesnt pack hard and stays solid in rain. Connel MX park is adjacent to the 60-acre Norman Welch speedway complex. Nearest town: Connell.Contact: (509) 764-2141.

Evergreen State Fairgrounds - EVERGREEN STATEFAIRGROUNDSSix day and night events are held from November through March. The 1/4-mile arenacross-style track offers a 70-foot triple and numerous combination jumps. The course is designed with distinctively different lines that allow for great passing. The dirt is loam. Evergreen gives riders a place to race during Washingtons brutal winters. Nearest town: Monroe.Contact: (253) 395-8738.

Hannegan Speedway - HANNEGAN SPEEDWAYOne of the first tracks built in the U.S., Hannegans one-mile circuit is composed of intermediate to hard dirt. Big jumps include a 75-foot tabletop, 40-foot by 65-foot tall tabletop and numerous 55-foot doubles. A separate, 1-1/4 mile Old Timer course is also open. Sunday races and Thursday and Saturday night races are held. Nearest town: Bellingham.Contact: (360) 734-8295; (360) 398-1984.

Horn Rapids ORV Park - HORN RAPIDS ORV PARKHorn Rapids offers races twice a month during the spring and fall. Practice is run year round on Monday through Wednesday (or over some weekends). Course length varies from 3/4 to 1-1/4 miles, and the dirt is loose sand. Sixty-foot tabletops and doubles are designed into the layout. There is a separate Pee-Wee track and there is open riding on 300 acres. Nearest town: Richland.Contact: (509) 967-5814.

Mud-Slingers - MUD-SLINGERSThe course measures 3/4-miles, the dirt is intermediate and the jumps are midsized. Numerous golf-ball sized stones make this a rocky circuit, but the stones help water drain and races can be held in the wet. A unique, scrambles-style race format is used for the larger classes (heats split the riders into fast, medium and slow groups.) Nearest town: Centralia.Contact: (360) 736-0166.

Olympic Peninsula Motocross - OLYMPIC PENINSULA MOTOCROSSUp to two races a month and a six-day-a-week practice schedule are standard fare at OPMC. Course length is one-mile, and the dirt is intermediate with some rocks. The downhill drop sends riders a good 80 feet. Other fun sections include a 65-foot double, 50-foot tabletop, a fifth-gear straightaway and numerous off-camber turns. Nearest town: Port Angeles.Contact: (360) 457-6545.

Puyallup Fairgrounds - PUYALLUP FAIRGROUNDSSitting just four miles away from the original AMA National and Trans-AMA track, Puyallup kicked off its inaugural event last year. The fairgrounds runs a consistent practice and race schedule from October through February, making it a popular winter ride spot. The 1/4-mile arenacross track offers a 70-foot triple and intermediate to hard soil. Nearest town: Puyallup.Contact: (253) 395-8738.

Seattle International Raceway - SEATTLE INTERNATIONALRACEWAYPractice is held on Wednesdays, and up to three races a month are run from March to October. An intermediate, clay and sand mix fills the one-mile course. The longer doubles and triples (the longest measuring in at 80 feet) are filled in and forgiving. There is a separate Pee-Wee track. This is the home track of the International Dealers Challenge. Nearest town: Kent.Contact: (360) 825-4502.

Spokane Motorsports Complex - SPOKANE MOTORSPORTS COMPLEXExcept on Tuesdays, Spokane is open daily for practice, and races are held every week. A Wednesday night practice is also offered, and there is a freestyle MX area. The 1-3/4-mile day track is shortened into the 3/4-mile night version. The dirt is loam to intermediate, and jumps incude a 68-foot triple, 78-foot tabletop and 26-foot by 41-foot tall tabletop. Nearest town: Spokane.Contact: (509) 928-8192 or (509) 244-4195

Thurston County ORV Sports Park - THURSTON COUNTY ORV SPORTS PARKImported, intermediate dirt covers the indigenous rocky terrain on this one-mile course. The track runs along the moderate incline of a 19-acre natural arena. Spectators only have to look up to see all the action. Medium-sized tabletops and a stair-step add to the layout. There is a separate beginner course, flushing toilets, showers and a playground. Nearest town: Olympia.Contact: (360) 786-5595.

Trulson Motocross Park - TRULSON MOTOCROSS PARKIntermediate dirt covers the 1-3/4-mile course. Big jumps include an 80-foot tabletop and a 90-foot double. The terrain is rolling and offers mild elevation change. Two Sunday events are run a month, and alternate with a practice schedule during the non-race weekends. Trulson is the last name of property owners and motocrossers Ernie and Jenelle. Nearest town: Chehalis.Contact: (360) 985-7670.

Wards Creek Motocross - WARDS CREEK MOTOCROSSDrive into Wards and the first thing youll see is an impressive 80-foot drop. A 150-foot hill also provides a good climb and a 120-foot jump at the crest. Loamy-to-intermediate top soil covers the one-mile course. Most all of the corners have built up berms with numerous inside lines and a monorail outside. The dirt becomes slick with rain. Nearest town: Raymond.Contact: (360) 942-5674.

Washougal MX Park - WASHOUGAL MX PARKBest known for its spectacular AMA National event in July, Washougal offers races twice a month and runs five practices during the season. Sand, sawdust and topsoil are mixed in with the dirt. The wide, multi-line course measures 1-1/4 miles and offers a big climb and a 100-foot ski jump. Man-made whoops and jumps add an artificial flair to Washougals outdoor design. Nearest town: Washougal.Contact: (360) 837-3975 or (541) 673-1671.

Woodland Motocross Park - WOODLAND MOTOCROSS PARKWoodland sits at the base of Mt. St. Helens. The course is constantly revised and can range from one mile to two miles in length. Sandy loam covers the track, and numerous tabletops and deep, dug-down monorail berms are included in the design. Special vintage races are held the first week of every month. Practice is run on non-race weekends. Nearest town: Woodland.Contact: (360) 225-8615 or (503) 667-5701.

Yakima State Fair Raceway - YAKIMA STATE FAIR RACEWAYYakima Meadows runs 1/4-mile outdoor arenacross and a 1-1/4 mile outdoor circuit. Nine night or day events and six practices are held per year. The outdoor course provides two 90-foot tabletops and the arenacross layout offers a 70-foot triple. The dirt is a clay and sand mix. Nearest town: Yakima. Contact: (253) 395-8738.

Nope, never heard of Mr. Naggy. That doesn't mean we weren't there at the same time however. 700+ Ranger's in a Bn. and it's hard to know everyone.

I ended up starting my own General Contracting business in Northern Michigan and am really enjoying it!


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