New DID x-ring

Any ideas on cleaning off the grease like lube that the new DID's come packed in. I usually soak non o-ring chains in kerosene, but I'm not sure if I should soak the new x-ring in it. I did a search and could not find any info. Any help is appreciated.

I've been using WD-40, seems to work well for cleaning duties. Not a fan of soaking the 'ring' chains, as the rings are there to seal lube into the links, and allowing it to soak in a solvent of any type would eventually reduce the amount of lube in there and deteriorate the rings.

Just my $.02

Just ride one or two laps, it will be gone when you get back.

WD-40 works well for me.

I agree with Sirthump. I bought a new x-ring a few months back. I did no cleaning whatsoever. After the first ride the factory lube will be gone and you can lube normally.


I use the Regina Gold o-ring (same as the Renthal -$15), but it also comes glopped with a lube/corrosion proofer that looks like white lithium and cosmoline mixed. I spray the whole thing down with Maxima synthetic chain lube and wipe it down with a rag before I install it. WD40 is OK, in fact, it will probably clean better, but then you'll have to lube it anyway.

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