Blue Hubs

I haven't seen them but does anybody know if you can buy blue hubs for the 02-03 Yamies?

you cant buy them blue but there are companys that will anodize your hubs

Do you know what companies off of the top of your head? It probably sounds stupid, but I think that the anodized lower fork tubes and matching colored hubs are really trick looking. Not to mention that when you're as slow as I am on a track, appearance IS everything!!!

Thanks for the help!!

i've heard of rims getting done for 50 bucks, thats pretty darn cheap. would you happen to know the price of hubs, like a guesstimate?

Correct me if Im wrong, but I don't think the lower fork tubes are aluminum. You can only anodize aluminum.

You're right about the fork tubes. What I had in mind is what Mike Laracco and RC forks look like. The bottom fork tubes are "blued". I talked to a buddy of mine who said that the purpose for those guys is to help with stiction. I just think it looks cool as hell. He also said that Pro Circuit will do the forks for 300.00 a piece. I haven't called them yet, so I don't know for sure.

The hubs are a different story. I would really like to slap some blue hubs on my 03 450. But I can't find anyone who does it around here. Maybe Pro Circuit can hook me up there as well?

Here is a link to a company that will anodize any pure aluminum part you may have including hubs, triple clamps, upper fork tubes and even silencer housings.

You cant anodize the stock hubs though. Since they are made out of crap aluminum they will come out looking like crap. You can buy talon hubs but they are big bucks about $400 per end.

These guys have a deal that they will anodize your stock rims plus polish you stock hubs and reassemble for like $400. I think they will anodize aluminum parts for like $50 per piece.

I have not used them but from the pictures on their web page they look like they do a real nice job. Oh you all are correct the lower tubes cant be anodized but you could get the TI Nitiride Gold or Black coating like the factory but that is about $500. It does look trick, I think Factory Connection and White Brothers can do it if you want to drop the cash....

Would be a good idea to get them to do all of your parts, sucks to have 3 shades of blue parts. :)

i only live a hour from that place im going to go check them out.ive seen guys with a gold front tooth im going to see if they can anodized blue one of my front girlfriend should get her tooth anodized since it the only 1 she has left.

Hootna- What makes you think that the hubs are "crap aluminum". They are sand cast aluminum just as the engine cases are. The rough natural surface just isn't going to allow them look good anodized. If you were to polish them up first they'd look real good anodized.

i believe the lower fork tubes are chromed steel, and they can be "titanium nitride" coated, that its that blued look, but they can be coated any color. most suepension companys can do this, and if you wanna know how to annodize stuff at home, i can show u how.

They are cast aluminum, that means crap aluminum kind of like the stock triple clamps. If you polished them up they will look nice and shiny but if you attempt to anodize them they will come out looking dull.

This is out of TCRs Q&As on their webpage:

1. Can you anodize my stock hubs?

We do not anodize stock hubs! Stock hubs can be anodized, but they will not come out with a shiny finish like an Excel rim does. The aluminum in Excel rims and Talon hubs are of a purer quality and have been polished. Stock hubs are cast aluminum and have composite materials added to the aluminum for strength. The anodize will not take, or, if it does, it will look like a dull paint job. We don't recommend anodizing stock hubs


There are several companies here in Phoenix that anodize aluminum. I'll post some names tomorrow. If you call one of the chrome plating companies in Phoenix, they will know also.

Aren't the stock rims already anodized? I think you can strip the anodizing off and redo it. Im with Vanilla, learn to anodize stuff yourself. I might try it. Its just kind of hard to find the weird chemicals and supplies you need.

Anodizing is not a simple process, it requires chemicals but also power supplies etc. It is probably simple to anodize small parts I am talking real small but something like rims, triple clamps and hubs arent something that you would want to experiment with. The folks at TCR can strip your stock EXCELS and they will anodize them. I was going to have them do this to my KTM but I dont need to go that overboard on another one of my bikes.

Just because the hubs are not suitable for anodizing doesn't mean they are crap. They are made the way they are for strength, weight, ease of manufacturing and cost, . Very rarely do you see broken hubs anymore. If the aluminum was crap, they wouldn't be able to hold up to the task.

You make it sound like the hubs are made of recycled lawn mower engine cases at a high school foundry.

Let's just say "crappy for anodizing". :)

Thanks to everyone for the info. I would like to get more information on the Phoenix area companys that can do my hubs. I called pro circuit, they are going to do my fork tubes for 300.00. I might be the slowest goon on the track but my bike is gonna' rock!! Thanks again.


If anyone else is interested, I found a guy in Chandler AZ. that will do the hubs for FREE !!

He told me that where he works they send parts out to be anodized and that if I send my hubs to him when he places an order he will include them in the shipment and all I need to pay for is the shiping.

The only hangup is I have to wait until he has an order for the color I want. Not a problem !!

Yeah the stock hubs don't take Anodize well. Even when they are polished first, they still come out looking bad. What does look pretty trick is polished & Nickel plated stock hubs. I have done a bunch of stock hubs like this for people and they are trick. I can also build you complete Excel wheel sets Anodized any color and or Nickel plated in any combo you want. Excel only offers them in Black, Gold or Clear combos. PM me if interested.

has anyone thought of having the hubs powdercoated a metalic blue, or any color ?

Powdercoating on boat components look very trick. I'm not sure if cast aluminum can be done I think it can just not sure. I know a company here in west central florida that powdercoates bicycle cranks and they look awesome. should be real cheap compared to true anodizing.

do i smell a group buy a brewin'? :)

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