clarke tank shipping time

I'm just curious how long it took you guys with clarke tanks to get your tank? I ordered mine last Saturday and I still haven't seen it yet. :) Hopefully it will get here today!

Cancel your order and buy mine! (See above or below)

Depends on where you ordered it from and how they are shipping it.

I bought mine from my dealer and it took them about a week and a half to get it.

Also depends if they are B/O'd. They should have told you if that was the case.

I ordered mine on a monday and got it on wednesday via UPS. You might want to call and get the tracking info from them and track the package from the UPS website.

Thanks for the info. I just called them and it has already shipped and UPS says it's scheduled for delivery on the 1st (right AFTER the weekend..<SNIFF>). Oh well, that will give me the week to get it put on. :)

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