Twin Air filter kit.....worth the $..?

So what's up with this $90.00 kit from Twin Air that comes with the billit piece.....A Yamaha tech told me it was worth 2-3 hp.....What do ya'll think? :thumbsup:

I got it & I like it. 2-3hp? I am not sure about that. It is screenless so more airflow = more HP. can get a YZ250 (2-stroke) filter cage and it does not have a screen....

I did the 250 cage and filter on my 250F. I really didnt notice anything. I mean yea your getting rid of the screen but your adding the fireproof material to the filter. I do like it though because my filter rim grease doesnt get caught in the screen. Now I have cut the cage and used a regular filter and that worked well but I dont recommend it. I only did it for one ride.

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