wr450 exhaust dilema

What is the prefered choice of these two options??



I know the cap would save me about $250 . Is it worth the savings or should a guy just go for it and get the "Q". :awww: Or is the "Q" really not worth the extra $$ :thumbsup:

I think the PMB works good. The stock muffler on the 04 is pretty good piece of engineering and it relatively light. I have been thinking of drilling out some of the holes in it to get more flow, but I am worried about the noise issue. :thumbsup:

JVP, are you satisfied enough with the PMB the you will keep it or are you searching for better flow ? More power ?

Big differnce between the two options you suggest, I started with the Pro-moto billet and went to the FMF Powercore IV, I also bought the Quiet core insert for it. In places where you can run the Powercore without the insert you will notice a big differnce but with it, it is about the same, believe me I run without it wherever possible, you cant beat the extra power of the new Powercore IV muffler.

were you asking about the Q series muffler or powercoreIV with quiet insert? of the 96db mufflers, the Q is one of the better ones. if i had the money to spend, it would be on the Q.

Yes, I was actually refering to the POWERCORE IV Q S/A SILENCER. Not the actual "Q" exhaust. I just noticed that FMF even made a POWERCORE IV2 Q exhaust. I cant find anyone that sells it though.

Try www.mxsouth.com , if it isn't listed in the site, call them, they will get it in for you. Good folks.

i also had the stocker w/pmb insert and the stock jetting was too rich so i drilled through all of those little half holes w/a 1/4" bit helped a bit but more on the top end which is not where i wanted help.so after some research i bought the pwercore 4 w/silent insert and that was much better power delivery,now without the insert the p-core 4 is quite loud(over 100) with it probably right at limit,now they say that w/the pwerbomb header not only is flow increased but it is quieter also! i'm gonna order the header soon. the weight difference is; stock muffler about 9lbs powercore 4 was at aroun 4 !

J.T. I like to mess with stuff, so that's why I going to drill out the PMB. :thumbsup: My only concern is noise. I sometimes ride at Hungry Valley and they are strict with the meters. I also have a modified insert from a Raptor that fits in the muffler. I use it for sea level riding in the desert.

:thumbsup: Thanks Guys, I just ordered An FMF powercore IV. I'm going for loud power!!

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