Will Yamaha ever come out with larger dualsports?

The largest dualsport Yamaha makes that I know of is a 225. I bought my 04 WR450 thinking I could DS it here in California but nope :thumbsup:. Does anyone know if Yamaha has any plans for making larger dualsports? I had a Honda XR650L but sold it for being TOO big, a WR450 would be just right :lol:.

Anyway, thanks all :awww:

It is somewhat of a deception to see that other countries have their WR450 street legal out of the dealer...

Why can't we :thumbsup:

does yamaha plan to make a WR street Leg. in the states

d.o.t. regulations are so tight for the US. they could never justify the the cost in relation to the market. go have a look at what suzuki had to do to come up with a d.o.t. drz 400. how about a steel tank WR?

The 450's are great for straight off-roading but my dream dual-sport bike would be one of the 660cc motors/watercooled/stuffed in a 450 frame. Talk about putting a smile on someones face! :thumbsup:

It would make the ultimate supermotard.

Yamaha Motor Europe released the dual-purpose 'adventure' XT660R and the Supermotard version; XT660X, both rated at 48 HP @ 6000 RPM. They are aparently considering selling it in North America... I've already filled out their questionaire...

Note also their TT600RE.

Australia's WR450 and 250 are street legal, as well as their YZ250WR, based on the 2 stroke YZ250. By the way, they also have the off-road two wheel drive 'WR450 2-TRAC'! Yamaha Australia; click on: 'Enduro Comp'

I was aware of the XT660r, both versions. They are sweet and would be a geat addition to the US line.

They are more set up for dual sporting. Not really competition. Now if Yamaha will just put one of those motors in a YZ frame it would make a great Baja/Dakar bike.

What is with the plastic tank thing? The majority of the new motor vehicles sold in the U.S of A HAVE plastic or composite fuel tanks!!!!!!! (Cars & trux Manufactured BY GM)


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