Oillevel changes??

Hello everyone. Im new here at Thumpertalk.

A couple of rides ago i changed my forkoil an set oillevel at 90 mm from top. At the sametime a alos changed my forkspring from 0.42 to 0.46. The fork was a lot stiffer!

Today a decided to set my oillevel to 125mm.

When I opened the fork the oillevel was 50 mm!!!! :thumbsup:

How Is that possible? when I set oillevel I was very accurate had a hose with marking and suckin oil out. I followed my manual.

What did I wrong? Please set me right so I dont make the same misatke again.

Hopefully I will have a much smoother ride from now on.

If you didn't pump the oil into the system by working the rod in the center of the forks up and down, it would give you a high reading at first. After riding the bike the oil would pump into those areas and give you a lower, correct, reading.

I Know, my problem was the opposite, when I set the level it was 90 mm, next time i opended the forks it was 50 mm.


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