Someplace to ride

Hopefully you guys can help me out with this. Me and a bunch of friends have been planning on going to Cloudcroft, NM for a week long riding trip. Now that Cloudcroft is shut down due to fires and drought we are in a bind. I live in Texas and willing to travel a ways to a place worth traveling to. Do any of you guys know of a place large enough not to get bored with in a week. I was thinking of all the bordering states of Texas but will consider any location. Any help is much appriciated.

4-StrokeMan ,

If you want to have a good time....go to Nocona MX. It's an awsome track and I promise you'll have a good time. Call for the directions: 940-825-3639. And just down the road from there is another track opened all weekend. It's a little more difficult but has alot of loamy dirt if that's what you're into. The number for that track is: 903-464-0426

I've heard a lot of good things about riding in Ocala, FL (offroad) but I've never ridden there myself. Maybe someone familiar with the area can give more info.

Sicamore (spelling ?) and Four Peaks in Central Arizona is where I ride. It has everything you can think of terrain wise. You could ride out there for years and not see all of the trails.

The only thing I'm not sure of is if it's open or not with all of our wildland fires we are dealing with here.

If you're interested, let me know and I will make some phone calls.

You looked into the Hatfield/McCoy riding area on the WVa, Kentucky border.

May be a stretch for you to travel too...but you shouldn't get bored riding it for a week.


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