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2020 te250i strange gear oil leak

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Seeking thoughts from you experts on here. My Husqvarna 2020 te250i has started leaking oil between this gap when running, right behind the front of the pipe. (see pictures with arrows all pointing to the same location). It will leak about 1oz after 3-5hrs of riding. All screws are tight. It's a new bike but just outside that very generous 1 month warranty:)

I've tightened all screws, still leaking. 

Any thoughts on this? Also, this is my first post on here,  if there's a better place to ask this,  please let me know! 










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Congrat's on the new bike.  Those are classic leak areas on the 2020 250/300's.  My TE300i was corrected at the dealer purchased from after warranty was over.  Factory seems to be well aware of the issue and has been correcting for many.  So, I would bring it in to your dealer and nicely request it be corrected.  bty, there are many threads on this if you need more info/ammo.  Best of luck,

Doc Scott

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