street legal XR100 (for when I can't ride my 426)


Wrong forum, but I'm hoping you can help. I got my wife a shiny new '01 XR100 so she could ride with me, but as luck would have it she's not much into riding. So I've got this shiny new bike with almost zero miles on it rotting away in the garage. So IDEA! Does anyone make a lighting or US street legal kit for this thing? I'm thinking about making a neighborhood scooter out of it so I can ride a little when I don't have time to load up and drive my 426 an hour to the nearest riding area. Just no one tell my wife what I'm thinking about! :)

Don't you have to have a minimum # of cc's to be street legal? I know scooters are like 50 cc's but I thought dirtbikes have to be over like 200.

I just bought my g/f an xr100 and we are going to ride for the first real time tomorrow. We went last week to a dry lake bed just so she could learn how to shift the gears and stuff and she seemed to like it. I hope she catches the bug like me. :)

I dont know if anyone sells a kit... but 100 cc's is fine on any neighborhood or township road. The 200 cc minimum is for the highways and expressways. At least that's how it is in Michigan

the problem you might run into is the ownership papers. On the bill of sale it probably says for Off Road use only, and a bill of sale/certificate of origen is not a title. I know here is NJ you have to have a title in order to register it.

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