'02 WR 426 Clutch Side Noise

Alright, I finally have an issue with my '02 WR 426 (over 2000 miles). I have yet to yank off the clutch cover, but today while riding, it started to make a sound that is quite the same as a Diesel engine or a dry clutch unit.

With the engine running and in gear; I'll have the clutch lever pulled in (disengeaged) and the noise is there. As soon as I slowly release the lever, the noise disappears. :thumbsup:

Anyone have the same syptom? I'll be pulling it apart today to find out what it is. It sounds like one of the plates has gone south.

Thanks for the help..................db

i thought that noise came standard on Wr's ?? :thumbsup:

Okay, here's the deal...

I took the cover off and I inspected the easiest things to look for. I somehow took a shot with a rock to the bottom of the clutch cover. It put a very tiny pin hole in the cover (JB Weld fixed that), and raised the magnesium on the inside of the cover where the impact was. The clutch basket was rubbing this area and made the sound. I filed it down and now I'm a okay...

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