wrapping the head pipe

I have a e-series with the tapered head pipe. My question is i have seen some pipes wrapped with heat resistant material. I want to wrap mine with nomex just to prevent burns and potential fire if i lay it over in the woods. Will this hurt anything? Should I also wrap under the radiator? thanks to all and Ride onnnnnn.

I did it to my YZ400F and have so far had goodresults. I found it on the web, http://www.speedzone24-7.com. It wasn't cheap and I had to search hard to find the best price. It isn't just nomex. It is a special glass tape that you wet then wrap, after dry I used the recommended high heat coating that seals the fibers and painted the rest of the head pipe with it also. The paint holds better than anything I've seen. Several rides and it still very shiny silver. Comes in black also. I have to believe it helps since the head pipe comes within a fraction of an inch below the right radiator. Good luck.

I tried on my dsp header.My boots, brush and flying debris wore a hole or 2 within a few rides. Once a hole developes its time to do it all over again. too much hassle for me. Actually unraveled during a ride. Now my pipe has a screw thread pattern permanently marked int it.

I'm sure a few motor heads insist on the product. Just not for me. Durability not up to par.

I planned on doing the same thing though not for cooling purposes. Your radiator is fine except for a few people that ride really slow, technical trails. Engine ice and a resevoir is the best answer for that. I wanted it to stop my $150 pants from getting melted on the same headpipe as you have. Since I've heard other people besides hsstar mention it unravels or doesn't last, I haven't done it yet.

I wrapped my WB tapered head pipe...it worked awesome until the 1st mud race. It basically shredded apart.

Since I was tired of burning my Thor Core pants I made a header guard (I have pics/writeup on my site on how I did it) It has worked well for about a year now. Later,


I wrapped my header pipe with stuff from Summit Racing

I did it to keep heat away from raid., water pump and hoses ( also use Redline Water Wetter )

It keeps the the bike cooler and does'nt start fires

I took the guard off then wraped the pipe with inslation ( Insulating Header Wrap, 1`` x 1/16`` x 50` Roll from http://www.summitracing.com/)then saftey wired it about every 2 inches with stainless saftey wire then put the guard back on

the only problem I've had is catching briars on the front of the pipe and tearing the wrap

A small strip of aluminum saftey wired over the front of the pipe would have fixed that


thanks guys, i will wrap it and see how i like it. It does'nt seem to hurt anything to try. Going for practice on a local MX track monday and i will see how it holds up.

Hey how does that header wrap work. Does it help the bike run any cooler? It makes since cause of the close location to the radiator.

Ive been fighting the heat demons on my yz400 for some time. I didn't even think of that wrap. Ive used it on my 4cyl mustang header but it never acured to me to use it on my bike.

for $25 a 50ft roll you will have some extra to redo it if needed.

Get the header ceramic coated inside and out. Re-install and forget about it. It will keep the heat inside the pipe where it belongs, and it is much more durable and nicer looking than wraps.

Hmmmmnnn Another Good idea...

Jet Hot is the company who does the ceramic coating for headers. There is one located in Tempe, Arizona.

Only negative thing I've heard about the ceramic coating is it will sometimes flake off if you have a very hot pipe and run it through a cool stream or river.


Embee coated my header, I havent had a single problem with it. Its still gets plenty hot, but not like it used to. Also, it looks bitchen. Like polished aluminum.

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