All you simple green fans

OK yall, today I got lazy, the track was nasty and I didn't wash the bike after the previous ride (crzy work schedule, blah...). So I rinsed off the chunks, soaked it with simple green, waited about 5 minutes and hosed it off. That stuff is like magic! OK now the question; it works so well, I'm concerned that it might hurt the finish of the shiny metal parts over time. You guys who use it all the time, have you noticed that it pits or tarnishes the metal after a while, or takes the nice finish away?

I use simple green and purple power and both work great! been using it for about 6 months and have seen no sight of wear or discolor....just wash it all off good, and use a rag to dry.....ahhh, nice and clean again! :thumbsup:

I don't use simple green, but I use this stuff called purple power. Kindof like it in a way, and it works great,, spray the chunks off, spray purple power all over wait a cpl of minutes,, and spray off, dont't even have to use soap or anything just spray and rinse, use the air hose to dry off, spray my chain, and put up for next ride.. Never notice any kindof tarnish or anything negative about using this stuff...


01 YZ426F

Dude, simple green is one of the best things ever invented.

I have been using it since 2000 with no problems at all. I have used it on all of my bikes. I get the bike wet, spray on the simple green then use the pressure washer and my bike still looks brand new, I get complements on how good my bike looks all the time. Use it and don't worry. :lol::thumbsup::lol::awww::lol:

I have been using simple green since 2000. I have never had any problems with any finishes. I wash by bike lightly with the pressure washer, spray with simple green, use a brush to clean it and rinse. I don't know what is in it, but the results speak for themselves.

Has anyone been in an AMA National pit area and watched how the pro's bikes get cleaned? I haven't seen that, but talk about do they do it?

Vet28 :thumbsup:

Yeah,i use it all the time.I was usingS100(hondabrite)but that stuff is expensive.It does remove wax though.

I use it and haven't noticed any problems. However, I have it diluted by about 50% after reading some other threads that suggested doing this. I must say it does work well - nothing annoys me more than the good old red stains I get from the dirt around here - impossible to get off without this stuff. One point of note is that it is not too friendly if you've use Plastic Renew

I have become a big wd40 fan. You can pretty much clean the entire bike with the stuff.

Simple Green doesn't hurt bikes at all. I've been using it for years now, I get my bikes real clean by using the stuff. I'll usually put some in a bucket of hot water and use a scrub brush to get every last spec of dirt off the bike and tires. I've noticed that Costco doesn't sell it anymore, the only place I can find it is at Home Depot.. How about the new Yellow Simple Green? That's what I'm runnin now.. Pretty good stuff and smells mo betta.. :thumbsup:

Dilluted it is safe but I have seen straight simple green soften powder coating and bleach anodized finishes.

Best stuff you can buy for moto wash.

When I bought my 99 YZ400F in 2000 it had been abused to the point that the entire engine was a reddish brown color from never having been properly cleaned and tajken care of after numerous runs in the red Ga clay. It took 5 sessions but the entire engine looked brand new after being cleaned with full strength simple green.

I have recently switched to the Yellow because the wife was doing some serious complaining about the smell it was leaving in my travel trailer. Now she's happy and the bikes are still nice and clean.

Bonzai :awww::thumbsup:

I have been using Simple Green for years on my bikes. Awsome stuff.

Work of warning. Keep it away from the display of your Trailtech Computer. It will cause the screen to get a haze on it. It eats the coating on the lense.

Another great use for simple green. Put about 1/2 cup in the wash with your riddng gear. gets the Smell out as well as getting it nice and clean. Before I started doing that my gear came out smelling almost as bad as when it went in. My wife would holler at me if I put it in with any regular laundry cause my gear would stink up the whole load. But with the simple green everything comes out smellin like a rose. :thumbsup:

Hey vet28 last year at the Salt Lake supercross my son and I were waiting in the RC autograph line right in front of the Honda pit. Fonseca came back from practice and his bike was filthy. His mechanic sprayed it with a pressure washer for a second them sprayed it down with something green in a plain non-descript spray bottle.??? I would have thought that a Honda factory mechanic would have used Hondabrite but this guy used what I am pretty sure was Simple Green.(it looked and smelled just like the Simple Green I have used for years)

The pro bikes are so darn clean because they are completly broken down after every event and hand cleaned (or new parts added)

During the events, they get cleaned and blown dry! I watched them do it at the SLC supercross in 2003. It was a muddy day. The bikes also got a fresh spray of silicon spray before going out. The silicon spray gives the shine. It works great on every surface of the bike. It is especially good when trying to sell a used bike. It gives it that "low hour " look.

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