baja kit install

getting ready to install a baja dual purpose kit on my new 426, in illinois, so didn't buy - need to install the turn signals - but putting in the rest. i'm thinking about throwing away the instructions like i do on everything else.... maybe not (i'm not very proficient with the tools)

any short cuts or things i should know to make to conversion easier? i've heard two hours to put in that means 6 hours for me any help would be a good thing!

also... in illinois your local peace officer signs off on the install... got a friend here - hopefully he'll let me go with out tire change.... if not, whats the best dot tires for street / dirt roads / and a little mud? thanks!

Baja Kit is very easy to install.....But follow the instructions.WRs reqire a modification to the stator that you will not know about if you throw away the instructions. :)

Extremely happy with the kit. :DI converted another bike without a kit in the past.Was not as nice as the Baja kit.

Do yourself a favor and follow the instructions. Its an easy kit to install. I took my time and kept reading the instructions while sitting around.

Just got back from a great National Dual Sport.

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