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panoram mounting with scotts stabilizer... the WAP

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hey folks,

thought i'd let you all know how i mounted my panoram computer along with my stock WRF light switch IN FRONT OF my scotts steering stablizer.

as you may know, it's a pain to mount anything once the stabilizer is in place, and the protaper bars don't do you any favors anyway since the 1-1/8" diameter isn't compatible with the WRF light switch nor the standard panoram mounting brackets.

anyway, i got the idea to make use of the tapped hole on the front of the scotts triple clamp. i thought that if i could mount a 7/8" diameter "something" to that hole, i could mount my accessories on it instead of the handlebar. i don't recall ever seeing this approach before. i'll call this thing the "wrooster accessory perch" or the "WAP".

i obtained a piece of 7/8" diameter black delrin rod from a friend of mine who does fabrication work. (fyi, delrin is a type of plastic, specifically an acetal homopolymer resin.) i guess you could use anything that is 7/8" in diameter (aluminum, wood?, etc). i wanted to use delrin since it's light, strong, easy to machine, impervious to solvents, and it won't corrode. i cut the delrin rod to about 2-3/4" long. this would be the mounting bar of the WAP.

to mount the WAP to the scotts triple clamp, i made use of the little scotts right angle bracket they supplied with their triple clamp. i believe that this bracket is used to mount the stock YZF number plate OR mount the stock WRF odometer. not sure on that since i don't have a YZF in front of me and my odometer has been gone since forever.

to attach the delrin rod to the little right angle bracket, i machined a ~5/8" wide slot in the middle of the rod, cutting through about 1/3 of the rod diameter. then i drilled a hole, offset somewhat, so that the rod could be screwed to the little bracket. i counterbored the top of the hole so the bolt head would sit flush.

i mounted everything up and it all fit together very nicely. because of the need to put the panoram bracket on the right side, the headlight switch is upside down but that doesn't bother me the least. to toggle the lights you just have to reach down behind the number plate, no big deal for me since i leave my lights on 100% of the time.

it came out really nice and i thought you guys might like to do something similar... pics attached.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f







index of the rest of the pics...


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I dont know what it is but I can never see your pictures Jim. :thumbsup:

I gotta get my trailtech mounted up with my Scotts soon also. I gotta get a new pickup for the new bike 1st though. Looks like I gotta grind on the aluminum housing of the trailtech to clear the scotts. Just gotta take off like 3/32 of material right at the bottom. Then it should clear the Scotts.

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The lever on the bottom of the stabilizer comes off. If you go to the Scotts website they sell a little tool that safely will press the lever arm off. Once you take the arm off, turn it so the stabilizer is upside down. "Scotts" will be upside down. Tighten the nut holding the arm onto the stabilizer, bolt it back on, and there's all kinds of room for the mount for the computer.


It's called a Link Arm Puller, and is $12.95 from Scotts.

Works like a charm. :thumbsup:

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Good thinking, I always like to make and tinker with my machs also. I would like to hear more on the light swicth also. It does look good.


later :cry:

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Very nice Jim. I thought about the same thing--after I got the whole kit from Scotts!



I like the protection the billet aluminum mount affords the computer--but man was that think expensive. On the other hand--I didn't have the patience you had to fabricate that wonderful mount. I need to do something like that on my bicycle so I can mount a ham radio on it.

If you notice in the photos, one photo has the busters mounted to the bar. The other has my TC mounts and the GPS. When I cut the bars down, I couldn't clamp the busters to the bars.

I need to get a better switch for the lights--got to find my stock one and see if that will work. You switch between hi and low beam with your stock switch Jim? Mine is a 3 way, middle is head light off, right is high and left is low. It started out as a 4 strokes only wiring harness that I could never get to work properly (I can't shut the tail light off).

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