New to the 4-stroke scene

I am a Banshee rider getting ready to purchuse a YZ426/400.Please fill me in on these bikes.What years were they made,diferance between 426/400,best years? thanks!

Best year 03 :)

Al bikes are equal some are just made more equal then others.

There are plenty of posts on the bikes, I suggest reading through them.

As far as whats better 400 vs 426, I cant answer that one, but I would say know your seller and know your bikes

Very informative post EGO :)

Model years '98 and '99 were 400s. The '99 has a different con-rod and I think a bit different frame geometry. Other than that they are basically the same I believe.

The '00 was the first 426 ('00 WR is still a 400, '01 WR a 426), so of course has a different cylinder/piston (and makes more power). Also has top clamp with a slightly different bar position (10 mm forward), larger clutch (extra plate), new carb (designed by Yamaha for the YZ), and a few other things like different suspension valving, slightly different plastic, etc.

There was little change between '01 and '02, but in '01 the YZ got a better front brake (floating disc and new master cylinder) and a improved (smoother) clutch (new basket and different plates).

A few guys w/ the '00 model have had minor problems with the straight key that holds the counter balance drive gear on the crank wearing out, and a few have had problems w/ fourth gear, but I'd say they are a small minority.

I wouldn't pass up a good deal on an '00 by any means, but I'd rather have the '01 or '02 if, all else being equal, it was only a few hundred dollars difference.

The 400s are great bikes, slightly tamer motor than the 426 but plenty fast for just about anything, but again IMO the newer models offer improvements worth a few (or five??) hundred bucks, all else remaining equal.

Hope this helps.

I've got the '01 and love it. From reading here the biggest differences that I have picked up on is the bikes earlier than '01 some people had trouble with bogging, clutch grabiness and the counter balancer key getting loose. The '01 and later don't seem to have these problems. From what I've read the bogging can be fixed by fiddling with the carb (see threads on BK mod), the clutch can be fixed by replacing some parts with parts from other year bikes (someone correct me here if I'm wrong, there are threads about this too) and for the counter balancer key they only perminant "fix" I've seen here is replacing the parts with '01 or later parts, but I don't know how much that costs or what has to be replaced.

They're all good bikes and lots of people seem to have no trouble at all, but I personally would look for an '01 or later for these reasons. Like anything else, the more revisions that go by the more the problems that get polished out so the '02 would probably be the best I would think, unless you spring for the '03). This would likely be the best on the track, but it is the first release after a major update. Have fun!

This is my first year on a 4 stroke but I know there are a lot of mods out there for various issues with the previous years 426's. Mainly with starting and plug fouling. I know my '02 hasn't had one problem. (Knock on wood.) It starts first kick most of the time and if not by the second.

First real motorcycle I've ever owned was my 98 YZ400-couldn't be happier with it. There has been a lot of posts on fouling plugs, hard starting, things like that-but I've never had trouble (once I learned to start it). I fouled the first plug in it-right away, then haven't for 4 months now-and I've laid it down plenty!!! Starts first or second kick-ALWAYS, and pulls hard through all the gears. I'm quite certain I don't ride the bike to its full potential, so I may not be experiencing some of the issues that come with really working the bike-I'd just say check it over carefully and you can't go wrong-how's that for helpful??? :)

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