'00 400 vs. '04 450??

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I am looking at an '04 450, but the local shop has a '00 400. Are the upgrades worth it in 4 years? I am getting back into riding after a long layoff. Thanks in advance. I've learned a great deal from reading this forum.

Some people have expressed concern/issues with their '04 (& '03) WR450's. I have the '00 WR400. It is rock solid, I don't know anyone who's had any trouble with one of these. I love this bike. Yeah, they've done some good things since '00 but I don't know that they are worth the price differential when you consider the problems with '04 (& '03). While everyone longs for more power and cc's I dare say that in reality you don't really need it. I can honestly say that I've never been beat because my bike is older and smaller. FYI, I don't race but have been riding dirt for over 20 years. Follow your heart.


I agree. The big difference is the electric start. Both bikes weigh the same and the power is the same as well.

Yes, The 450 has had reliability issues the 00 never had, and hop up parts are available for the old bikes cheap.

I would not trade my 00 for a new one, but if gotta have electric start get the new bike.

The 2004 WR450 is very reliable! Don't let anyone kid you. The 2003 had some issues but Yamaha reworked the starter and this has been sorted out. The Magic button is worth the price. If you don't care about that the WR426 is a superior bike over the WR400 and there are far more up grades available. :thumbsup:

Not that it means anything but the oldest 2004 WR is now maybe 6 months old. I don't doubt it is reliable, but used it is $4k at best.

An 00 WR is what $2k? I think he was talking 400 because that is the bike in stock.

I don't really think there is any noticable difference between a 01 426 and an 00 400. They both go plenty fast.

"You pays your $$ and you takes your chances"

I have a '00400 and I think the bike is just fine. Yes there are some things about the newer 450 that I'd like, but none of those items are worth the cost. If there were one thing that would make me lean toward the 450 it would be the e-start. On a hill getting that 400 fired back up is a real PITA. Really it comes down down to cost, I just picked up my bike two months ago for 3250$ which is below KBB and the '03 450 was still pulling 5+K$ so not worth it to me.

I have a YZ400F dual-sported and a WR450F. Both are great bikes I love riding both of them. You won't go wrong with either bike. Although I ride the 450 the most because better suspension, more power (wider power), and the magic,and I do mean magic, button. Here in the peoples-republic of California, land of the sheep-people, its RED sticker time so my only choice is the 400 which I still enjoy. Go for it buy which ever is the best deal. :thumbsup:

I think if you can find a nice used 2002 wr 426, with some mods like the yz seat-big acerbis/clark tank combo, with a few more goodies you'd be all set. The electric starter is appealing but it sure is expensive. I found that as I gain experience with the bike, stalling happens less.

My next dirt bike will have an electric starter, but as of now, my wr426 has to become really obsolete to be replaced.


I sold my 2000 WR that I bought new in 00 to buy the 04 WR450F. I must say that I did it all for the E-start but I have noticed that the 04 does feel lighter and nimbler in the tight stuff. The power is snappier also. I did not go for the 03 do to the woodruff Key problems but I think the 04 is going to be just as reliable as my 00. If you just want a good bike to play ride on than I would say a good 00/01/02 is cool, you can put the 03 cam in it and make it easier to start. But if you want to shave lap times racing then you can't beat restarting your bike wile you are still rolling. :thumbsup:

You CAN restart the bike while still rolling.

Just yank in the de-compression lever to get the motor spinning and drop it. The bike will light 8 out of 10 times.

Feather the clutch and the decomp lever at the same time. This way is much less abrupt and has better results (10 out of 10 times). :thumbsup:


Ok better example, restarting after stalling on a nasty off camber uphill without having to balance against a tree to keep from falling down the hill wile kick starting your bike. Not to mention how much energy you save in a race buy just hitting that magic button instead of kicking and kicking after a get off. Admit it E-Start is the Bomb, now is it worth the close to 4 grand that I paid over what I got for my 2000 WR that is up to you. :thumbsup:

Yamaha has the auto decompression and Hot Start function dialed in well now. I can hot restart mine with 1 kick every time with the hot start lever pulled in. Save the e-start for when you're not feeling like a man.

I am looking at an '04 450, but the local shop has a '00 400. Are the upgrades worth it in 4 years? I am getting back into riding after a long layoff. Thanks in advance. I've learned a great deal from reading this forum.

The difference is night and day.... Trust me.. The 04 is best WR to date.. Many improvements have happened since 2000..

I've had my 00 400 since new and still haven't encountered a single problem with it. If your just getting back into riding, I don't think it's worth the extra cash just for electric start and a few other bits and pieces. I dont think all the extras are even worth considering. Unless your some pro enduro racer or semi serious racer dont worry about e-start. My bike starts first kick, no hassle.

Having owned three 4xx's I can tell you that each generation is significantly better than the previous. While the 400 is still a good bike the 450 is a huge leap in terms of handling and suspension not to mention the estart, improved motor, etc. I have put a seasons riding on my '04 with zero problems. The '03 had some issues with the starter but that has been addressed in the '04 model. It really comes down to your budget. If you plan to be in the sport for awhile and you can afford it go for the 450.

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