Do you guys spray WD-40 on your engine after you wash your bikes. And do you spray it under your fenders to keep the mud from sticking?

It's funny you posted this question... A friend of mine sent his bike to a guy to replace the fork seals and when he returned his bike he had clead it up and the whole bike had been sprayed down with WD-40 tires and all.. The bike looked damn good all shinny and new. I am interested in some of the respones that you get because if thier is no harm i think i will do the same to mine when i clean it up. :thumbsup:

A friend of mine was a dealer for VOR's a few years ago. He uses the WD40 on his bikes. He let me take it out on the MX track one time. I get to the first corner and no brakes, he had gotten WD40 on them too. So be careful of your rotors.

Yeah.....i use it all the time.....prevents from rust and corosion and makes the bikes look like new! just watch out for the brake rotors and all your controls....take it for a little ride after to burn it off the pipe, motor, rad... and check out the brakes!!! :thumbsup:

I use it to lube my footpegs.. Brake pedal and pipe if its not stainless.. I would not spray it on the engine or anything that has gaskets or rubber.. It will dry them out quick and make the rubber crack and then you will be in some trouble.

I do this after every wash. I have done this for 20+ years and never had a problem. As stated just watch your rotors. I normally only spray it on the metal parts. I use a no touch tire spray for all the plastics and after spraying wipe it gently to keep dust from sticking as bad. I hate to state the obvious but do not put anything on the seat.


Another thing that helps keep Mud off is PAM cooking spray on the underside of the fenders and the engine.

I just started using Silkolene pro prep. Man my bike looks nice with that on. Its just a spray can. Works great. And Mud dosn't stick to it either. Just beads up and rolls off. Neet stuff.

I have used WD40 too in the past. Works just fine.

But I REALLY like that PRO PREP. neat stuff.

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