xr650r needs a 6th gear

I took by bike for a ride today (haven't been out for quite awhile) and absolutly love my bike, but I always find myself trying to shift into the next gear when im already in 5th. Wouldn't it be nice if Honda added a 6th gear along with a electric start. I bet if Honda upgraded this bike with these items they would see a huge increase in sales. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah I hear ya dude, I do the same thing all the time, trying to hit the next gear and it's not there. haha. If your bike is uncorked/jetted, it'll take you to 100mph in 5th with no prob, very quickly, but a 6th would be really cool. I have the same problem with my KX500, it's geared even lower than the XR650R.



'04KX500 XR650sm.jpgKXimage1.jpg

15 Tooth front sprocket, that put my XR's gearing right where it needed to be :thumbsup:

why would anybody want to travel that fast?

Why do people buy 1300cc sport bikes ?

If it had 6 gears I would still be looking for a 7th. :thumbsup:

There have been lots of times I wish the bike had a sixth gear. I am by no means a speed freak. I would love to have the acceleration of the 13 tooth front sprocket however for the dual sport rides crusing gets kinda buzzy. A 15 tooth fixes that but it makes first to tall for the tight stuff. A sixth gear would be the perfect compromise so I wouldn't have to change out the front sprocket depending on how I plan on riding the bike.

My riding buddies and I do these long rides that average around 1000 miles (4-5 days)and quite often stretch our gas stops out to around 175 to 200 miles (I usually need to carry extra gas in my backpack). I have a IMS 4.6 tank, but would think with a 6th gear I could run the bike at lower rpm and increase my mpg. I haven't decided if I want to run a taller countershaft gear since we do get ourselves into some tight technical stuff. I don't know what Honda would do with future productions of this bike, but a 6th gear would be nice for cruising speeds.

I agree. I am in the same dilemma. I would like to go to a 13 tooth front sprocket for off road, but it is already buzzy on the road with a 14. 6 speed would be perfect!!

I too agree... sixth gear would be heaven.

I run a 15/48 for most rides, and when I'm on the 'single track' stuff second is waaay to fast and first almost too slow.

However... my bike ran 102mph (on the GPS) this last Sunday, and on flat pavement with me at 200lbs plus gear (another 30lbs at least). I'm happy with it. Just add a sixth and I'd be exstatic.

Once they add 8th gear, I know I'll be in trouble. :thumbsup:

I've kinda got the opposite problem. I don't plan on doing much 75+ driving, and with stock 15/45 and my new Kenda rear tire which is 2" taller, I might have to keep it in 4th at 55MPH! This is a 650L. What's the max rear pitch that can be used with the 15T and stock chain? 50? 51? T.I.A.

Coming off huskies for better than 20 years, I was always trying to shift into 6th. Then, I would roll on the throttle and the bushes would blur by. 6th would be nice for Baja and the desert. 15 tooth is good. Husky used to go to a 17 tooth. Ruins 1st gear for anything but wide open though. :thumbsup:

Husky used to go to a 17 tooth. Ruins 1st gear for anything but wide open though. :thumbsup:

Holy Bageeezus... That's like a Extra Large Meat Lovers from Pizza Hut. Damn... 17 toother! Huge!

17/44 to be exact. Needed that to get 110+ out of the 400s. Back then we had long dry lakebeds and dirt roads to traverse. I still have a new 17 that is on my current 1974 Husky 400WR. Fun to wind it out in 6th speed. Of course, my old XR 650 goes that fast with a 15/48 in 5th, but whose counting. :thumbsup:

I took my bike out on the highway yesterday, and kept wanting to shift to a higher gear, I had 5th maxed and could have used another. I stand corrected, and I too feel the need for speed.

On your rear sprocket question.I still have the original chain on my XRL and a 48 tooth rear is the largest that will fit with a 15 front.The adjuster is on the first notch.Now asssuming your chain is the stock lenght(being a '94)is another matter. :thumbsup:

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