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Boon Dag

Fourvalve 300 fourtrax motor on big red

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If there is any one who want s to build this bike and are novice shade tree individuals it can be done with the combination of three motors it will take a 250es out put drive or counter balancer you gotta swap the one the 300 motor out for the original big red I have to make the oil fill hole larger and remove the last gear out to the opening  then swap out the heads with a 300ex topend  swap out the cam to reverse grind cam do your timing on the lower crank and cam torque everything back down and motor mounts exhaust carb harness and your done it's that simple the new modified cam can run you few hundred bucks but it's worth it the power difference you can hardly tell between the es and the four Trax but if you make it the four valve head presto your cooking with Crisco what do you value such a bike at is the real question?

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