First Ride Impressions of my new 450

Well I upgraded from my 01 426 to an 04 450. Took it out to the trails today. I will get it out to the track soon. I was very pleased with the bike. First off I love the fact that I don't have to screw with that damn compression lever. The bike did not plow as much in the deep sand as teh 426 did. The front forks are amazing. Even when things got hairy in the whoops it never really got out of shape. It just does it's job and does not wimper. Overall all it handled better. Power wise I noticed a big diffrence. It pulls harder and is more revy than the 426. I LOVE the new power curve. The bike is a wheelie machine. It wheelies better than my old R1. It picks them up in 4th with out a problem. The 426 had some issues getting it up in 4th let alone 5th. The 450 picks it right up in 3rd. I then shift into 4th and I can keep it up all day long!!! I miss riding long wheelies that I was able to do on my old R1. I know you don't want to do them at the track but I LOVE them on the trails. Over all VERY HAPPY~~


true, true....

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