Pics - Thumper Racing +1.5" bar risers & Scotts Steering Stabilizer

Bike is a '99 WR with Applied Racing Triple clamp - bar mount holes are 10mm forward relative to the stock triple clamp. Scotts is mounted with the Scotts Universal Mount. ProTaper Enduro Hi bars (might try Tag CR double Hi in the future). I'm 6'4" and this set-up allows me to stand comfortably all day long.


I just bought the same setup only with the 7/8 bars. I'm not as tall as you(6'1") but I still feel like I'm being pulled over the front of the machine. Whats your advice on bar choice I was afraid that a super tall bar wouls be to high with the risers?

I had the Enduro Hi's on my XR600 and transferred them over. I wouldn't mind another 1/2" of bar height, a little narrower would be nice too. I've been running the Enduro Hi's since I got the bike brand new in '99 so it must work:)


Are those bar risers part of the triple clamp package, or did you get them seperate?

Triple clamp is from Applied Racing

Bar mounts are from Thumper Racing (Baja Designs carries them)

Steering stabilizer and 'universal mount' are from Scotts


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